Nimona is a shapeshifter and she comes into the employ of Blackheart and he has some ideas about villainy that they disagree on. She thinks they should just have free reign to murder but he has different rules that he lives by, like no murdering kings and people and peasants. When they try to steal some *science* everything goes wrong and Nimona starts killing people. Then Goldenloin shows up and he’s this guy who is blonde with perfect hair and a stereotypical hero-kingdom-guy-dude. So then Nimona runs off and the laboratory explodes and she escapes. She impersonates some stuff, steals some plans which Blackheart reviews and then…stuff happens.

It is a comic book for people ages 10 and up and I recommend it to fans of good comedy, fans of Lumberjanes or fantasy or Prince-less or sharks. It’s really good and it’s fun and it’s amazing and you should read it!

Reviewed by Oscar – 9th grade

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Hidden Figures


The movie Hidden Figures is about 3 black women that want to have jobs in NASA. But since it is the 1960s and segregation is still going on, it is very hard for those women to find jobs that match themselves. They are very smart people, responsible, punctual, but racism still gets in their way. When they want to do something, they often can’t really reach it because of the color of their skin. But my favorite parts are when they are able to overcome what the dominant group said about them and reach a higher level. When the other NASA scientists couldn’t figure something out, they always turned to the women. And it proved that in situations where they were told they were not needed they actually were needed. They were able to just back them up, pike when the men were trying to figure out some weird, complex math equation that they couldn’t figure out. The women always had good reasoning, good opinions. It’s a really nice story, a true story, and I would recommend it to anyone who believes in justice and wants to learn the history of black people and segregation.

Reviewed by Suhera – 9th grade

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Naruto is a manga, a shonen manga. The plot of it is for Naruto to stop some bad guys from taking over the world. The author is Kishimoto and I like the books because they are full of adventure and ninjutsu and action and fighting. Plus there are like 100 books in the series! I would recommend it to teens and anime lovers around the world.

Reviewed by Lawrence – 9th grade

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Julie of the Wolves


In 4th grade I read this book called Julie of the Wolves in 4th grade. The book is made by Jean Craighead George. And I hate this book. I despise it with another heart. The reason why I hate it is because we had this summer homework and we were supposed to read this book and after the first page I just stopped reading it. First off, the book was so bland that, like I said, I just stopped reading it entirely. It was the writing style: too many pages, too long. And then everything about it was boring. I even read the most exciting page and it was so bland. Never read this book. I swear you will never like it.

Reviewed by JTH – 7th grade

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Star Wars: A New Hope


This was a good movie and the plot was basically good and bad. It’s a science fiction space thing and there are lots of spaceships and big battles and laser guns and really futuristic tech. The main character is Luke and he’s in a rebellion fighting against the Empire led by Darth Vader. He’s a jedi and he has a lightsaber and he does cool tricks with it. The best part – well, I don’ really want to spoil it – but there are a lot of good parts, basically all of it! They had really good special effects in the fight scenes and the acting was good. I recommend it to elementary students and middle schoolers and high schoolers – and YOU if you haven’t seen it!

Reviewed by Raphael – 8th grade

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Bite of the Mango


Bite of the Mango is about a girl who lives in a village in Africa. Her parents both die and her uncle takes her in but he’s harsh. He says that she is ugly and because her skin has spots he can’t sell her, and so he gives her to an orphanage. In that orphanage she gets raped and abused; she has her baby but he dies. Then while traveling to a neighboring village she gets attacked by rebels who cut off her hand.  There was a LOT going on. But eventually she makes it to Britain and this is the story of how she goes from being by herself in an orphanage in Sierra Leone to being in Britain.

I liked that it was kind of sad and it made me feel some type of way toward her. It is a true story and it made me empathetic. It is pretty graphic so I recommend it for 7th graders and up. I haven’t read any book like it or see anything like it.

Reviewed by Celine – 8th grade

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Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted


I think this movie was amazing. Since I watched Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa I got really interested in the funny characters, and this was even funnier and more dramatic. Since this one was set in Europe it was kind of a world tour where you get to see different places, too. I would recommend it to anyone that understands English – little kids, grown-ups, everyone! I would especially recommend it to fans of Disney channel, Nikelodeon, all those kid channels like Qubo because it’s really funny and lighthearted and amazing.

Reviewed by Suhera – 9th grade

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